Yoga teacher Anney in a melting heart yoga posture on a beach. This pose activates the throat chakra and our expression of truth.

Express your Truth

When I find myself in uncomfortable situations or feeling anxious, one of the first things I notice is that my voice sounds weak and thin. I feel like it belongs to someone else. I’ll try to clear my throat, drink water or project my voice but nothing seems to work. This, I believe is due to my inability to speak my Truth in these situations- normally due to wanting to keep the peace, or to conform to what is socially ‘appropriate’. Read on to discover more about your throat chakra and learning to identify and express your truth.

Over the past few months, since undergoing a course in womb healing, I have set myself the goal to endeavour to identify and speak my truth as much as possible. Having people pleasing tendencies, I find this challenging and sometimes feel it’s better to keep quiet rather than rock the boat, yet slowly but surely I am beginning to integrate speaking my truth and expressing my boundaries into more of my relationships and daily interactions.

‘Only the truth of who you are, if realised, will set you free’. Eckhart Toille

Satya- Truthfulness

One of the yogic guidelines (Yamas) is Satya, meaning truthfulness and living our lives through truth. We are inundated with people telling us what they think is ‘Truth’ but here we can realise that ‘yes’ there are facts but a lot is perspective and beliefs being expressed. This is not to say we shouldn’t believe them. They may know something true. But ultimately, the truth is something that we do not find outside of ourselves, we have to look and listen within.

More and more, I ask myself, ‘Do I really think this or is it the voice of someone else?’ Initially we might not know because we have never thought about it before and we are so used to being taught and led and this way of thinking or viewpoint is so ingrained in us. But the more we ask ourselves this question, the more we can explore what is really our conditioning and programmed way of thinking and what is really us- true and raw.

The centre of Speaking our Truth is our Throat Chakra- Vishuddha.

Nestled at the throat, Vishuddha, in Sanskrit, translates to “pure” or “purification.” This sacred energy centre is the fifth chakra, acting as the bridge between the heart and the mind. Vishuddha is the realm of communication, self-expression, and the art of speaking our authentic truth.

The Dance of Communication and Truth

Vishuddha is a radiant blue vortex of energy, symbolising the purity and clarity that resonates when our communication aligns with our inner truth. This chakra empowers us to express ourselves openly, fostering genuine connections and harmonious interactions. When balanced, Vishuddha allows our voice to be a conduit for love, compassion, and authentic expression.

Why is it important to Speak our Truths

Authenticity and Self-Expression

Speaking our truth allows us to be authentic and true to ourself. It is an act of self-expression that honours our individuality, values, and beliefs. Embracing authenticity fosters a sense of self-empowerment and alignment with our core identity.

Clarity and Understanding

Articulating our thoughts and feelings provides clarity for both ourself and those around us. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of our own emotions and allows others to comprehend our perspective. This clarity reduces misunderstandings and promotes effective communication.

Building Trust and Respect

When we consistently speak our truth, others are more likely to trust and respect us. Authentic and congruent communication fosters genuine connections, as people appreciate transparency and honesty and tend to respond with the same transparency. Trust is the foundation of meaningful relationships, whether personal or professional.

Conflict Resolution

Speaking our truth is essential in resolving conflicts. Open and honest communication enables us to address issues directly, express concerns, and work towards finding mutually beneficial solutions. Avoiding the expression of our true feelings may lead to unresolved conflicts and strained relationships.

Empowerment and Confidence

Articulating our thoughts and feelings, even when it’s difficult, can be empowering. It boosts our self-esteem and confidence as we assert our needs, boundaries, and desires. Embracing the courage to speak up contributes to personal growth and resilience.

Alignment with Values

Speaking our truth allows us to live in alignment with our values. When we express what truly matters to us, we create a life that reflects our beliefs and principles. This alignment contributes to a sense of purpose, fulfilment, and overall well-being.

Encouraging Open Communication

Our willingness to speak our truth encourages open communication within your relationships and communities. It sets a positive example for others to express themselves authentically, creating an environment where people feel heard and understood.


Speaking our truth is a form of self-advocacy. It involves standing up for our needs, advocating for our rights, and asserting ourself in various situations. This skill is particularly important in professional settings, personal relationships, and when navigating societal expectations.

In essence, it’s a powerful tool for self-discovery, healthy relationships, and creating a life that resonates with your deepest values. It is an ongoing practice that contributes to personal growth, meaningful connections, and a life filled with authenticity and purpose.

    Physical Manifestations: Aligning Body and Voice

    The throat chakra governs the physical areas of the throat, neck, and vocal cords, and thyroid gland. Engaging in yoga poses that stretch and open these regions, such as Stretching Cat Pose (Marjariasana), Fish Pose (Matsyasana) or Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana), helps to balance and activate Vishuddha. As we release tension and cultivate awareness in the throat area, we pave the way for the free flow of energy.

    Harmonizing the physical aspect of Vishuddha extends beyond the mat. Cultivating good posture, practising neck stretches, and maintaining hydration all contribute to a healthy and vibrant throat chakra.

    Unveiling Authentic Expression

    Emotionally, the throat chakra invites us to explore the depths of our feelings and communicate them authentically. Balancing Vishuddha allows us to express ourselves without fear or hesitation, fostering a sense of liberation and emotional well-being. It is a journey of self-discovery, embracing vulnerability, and allowing our true selves to be heard and seen.

    Heart-opening poses, like Camel Pose (Ustrasana) or Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), can be incorporated into your practice to connect the heart and throat chakras, encouraging an open-hearted and authentic expression.

    Cultivating Throat Chakra Balance and Practices for Harmony

    • Vocal Toning: Practise humming ( Brahmari Breath) or chanting, allowing the vibrations to resonate through the throat and clear any energetic blockages.
    • Lion’s Breath (Simhasana Pranayama): Release tension and stagnant energy by engaging in Lion’s Breath, exhaling with a forceful “ha” while sticking out the tongue.
    • Mindful Silence: Embrace moments of stillness and silence to listen deeply to your inner voice and intuition.
    • Creative Expression: Engage in creative activities that allow your authentic self to shine, such as writing, singing, or any form of artistic expression.

    Learning to trust your voice is all about practice. It’s difficult to go from nothing to divine truth-teller in just a day. Start small and practise trusting your voice until it grows in confidence and power. Whether it’s as simple as saying no to a plan, yes to something or leading a decision on where you want to eat, learning to trust your voice is all about being brave and speaking up.

    It Doesn’t Need to be Vocal

    On the journey of learning how to speak your truth, it doesn’t always need to be verbalized. Our truth comes out in many ways and all we need to do is to acknowledge it. You can speak your truth through journaling or private writing sessions, through yoga and meditation, or through any form of artistic expression.

    Get Support

    We all need support on our journey’s through life and finding the inner strength to speak your truth can be a time where we need that support. It’s important to surround yourself with loving people who can help you find the strength to use your voice.

    Check-in With Yourself

    Try and make a practice of checking in with yourself on a daily basis. As soon as you wake and perhaps before you go to sleep, take a few moments to run your mind over your body and see how you are feeling. Is there any part of you that feels tight or any gnawing inside? Any pain, or anxiety, or a feeling of ease and lightness? Checking in with ourselves reminds us to really listen to our body and the signals it whispers or shouts and to work out what truth it could be trying to share.

    Let Go Of Pretension

    For whatever reason, there are a million daily ways in which we reject our own truth and pretend to be something different. With every step, this takes us further away from our deepest authentic self. The next time someone is talking about something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to tell them that you don’t know or you don’t understand. By weaving more honesty into your everyday speech, the leap to speaking your truth and being authentic doesn’t seem so drastic.

    Let Go Of Labels

    It’s hard to find our own truth if it is buried under the layers of stories and labels that others (and ourselves) have imposed upon us. When we try and stick to our labels, we don’t allow space for our true emotions to shine through. Humans are multidimensional and complicated and glorious and messy and have a range of emotions. Give yourself permission to finally let the labels fall off and to truly acknowledge how you feel.

    Take the Pressure Off

    Just because we recognise something as our truth doesn’t mean that we always need to rush out and do something about it straight away. So many of us reject our deepest truths because we feel that it amps up the pressure to act on a decision or to change our life. Acknowledging our truth but also knowing that we don’t have to act on it the second we figure it out, can work wonders in taking the pressure off, allowing a more natural relationship to flourish between you and your inner voice.

    The Radiance of Authentic Voice

    With practice we can begin to awaken the power of our voice, allowing it to resonate with the pure essence of who we are.

    As we draw our awareness to this energy centre, we can invite self-discovery, genuine connection, and a beauty that unfolds when we speak our truth with love. In the symphony of existence, we can allow our voices to be a melody that adds to a universal harmony. 

    If you’d like more information on yoga philosophy please contact me or book here to practise with me in Marlow, Twickenham and online.

    With love

    Anney xx

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