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Is yoga for me?

Why Yoga is for every BODY.

A lot changed when I started seeing movement as a privilege rather than punishment. Working with my body instead of against it. Finding what I enjoy, adapting it to my cycle and energy, knowing when to rest and also acknowledging the power there is in rest. It has all been part of a long and ongoing journey for me, one that is far from linear. Ultimately, if we take the time to tune in, connect to our bodies and get curious- our bodies will always know what’s best. We just need to listen. Read on to discover why yoga is for every BODY, not just the strong or flexible, young, or spiritual.

Yoga is an inclusive practice

I know that many people consider yoga as being a practice that isn’t right for them. They consider that they aren’t flexible enough, or spiritual enough, or patient enough. I wanted to pop some thoughts here to encourage you to try yoga if you haven’t already or to return to it if you’ve paused your practice. Above all else, Yoga is a practice that connects mind, body and soul. It does this through combining physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation or relaxation. It has been practised for thousands of years and has many benefits for both physical and mental health. It isn’t just for gymnasts or athletes, women or spiritual warriors, yoga is for every BODY.

Here’s why…

Physical benefits

  • Flexibility. Yoga poses (asana) stretch and lengthen your muscles, which can help to improve your range of motion. This can be beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels, and can help to reduce the risk of future injury.
  • Strength.Yoga poses also work to strengthen your muscles, including your core muscles, which are important for good posture and balance. A strong core can also help to improve your performance in other sports and activities.
  • Reduced stress. Yoga has been shown to be effective in reducing stress levels and improving mood. This is because yoga helps to calm and regulate the nervous system therefore promoting relaxation.
  • Sleep quality. Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Yoga can help to improve sleep quality by reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation.
  • Reduced pain. Yoga has been shown to be effective in reducing pain associated with a variety of conditions, including back pain, arthritis, and migraines.
  • Balance and coordination. Yoga poses require you to balance your body, which can help to improve your balance and coordination. This can be especially beneficial for older adults, who are at increased risk of falls.
  • Cardiovascular health. Some styles of yoga, such as Vinyasa yoga, are more vigorous and can help to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Improved lung function. Yoga poses that involve deep breathing can help to improve lung function. This can be beneficial for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Mental benefits

  • More mental clarity and focus. Yoga helps to train the mind to focus and be present in the moment. This can improve your mental clarity and focus in all areas of your life.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression. Yoga has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. This is because yoga helps to calm the mind and body by being mindful and this promotes relaxation.
  • Increased self-awareness. Yoga helps you to become more aware of your body and mind. This can help you to identify areas where you need to make changes, and to develop a more positive self-image.

Other benefits.

  • Improved body image. Yoga can help you to develop a more positive body image by improving your body-mind connection and helping you to appreciate your body for all the amazing things it can do.
  • Increased energy levels. Increased energy levels by improving your circulation and reducing stress levels.
  • Reduced risk of injury. Yoga can reduce your risk of injury in other athletic areas especially. It is a wonderful complement to other sporting activities by improving your flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Improved overall well-being.  Improved overall well-being by spending time on your physical and mental health, and by reducing stress levels.

If you’d like more information on yoga philosophy please contact me or book here to practise with me in Marlow, Twickenham and online.

With love

Anney xx

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