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When: 3-6pm 15th September

Where: Attenborough Hall Etna Centre, 13 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham, TW1 2AR

Investment: £50

Rise to Root Mini Retreat: Embracing a Slower Energy

This afternoon retreat provides the thing we all crave – time.  Time for yourself, time to connect with how you’re feeling, time to unwind. 

Rising to root is a way of embracing change with an open heart. It’s about grounding ourselves, drawing our energy inward, and connecting deeply with our foundation. It’s a process of moving from a state of high activity and outward focus to one of inner calm and introspection. By rooting ourselves, we can find stability and peace, allowing us to navigate the transitions of life with grace and resilience.

This mini retreat will include

  • 90 minute dynamic, challenging and energising asana flow
  • 40 minute Restorative and Yin
  • 30 minute Meditation 
  • 20 minute Sound Healing 

Expect to leave

  • Feeling deeply connected to yourself with a strong sense of stability and balance. This grounded feeling will help you approach life’s challenges with greater resilience and inner strength.
  • Feeling deeply relaxed. You are likely to feel a peaceful calm that permeates your mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Feeling physically freer and lighter as we stretch and release tight muscles.
  • Feeling a harmonious blend of activity and rest. This balance can help to maintain a more even-keeled approach to life’s demands.
  • Overall, our “Rise to Root” mini retreat is designed to leave you feeling grounded, peaceful, and inspired, ready to integrate these feelings into your daily lives with a greater sense of harmony and purpose.

Kind Words


“I’ve had the pleasure of having Anne-Marie as my yoga teacher and I cannot say enough great things about her and her lessons. She is kind, gentle and full of love and when she teaches, she puts all these qualities, experience and knowledge into the classes. Her explanations are fantastic and her adjustments are useful. She has the incredible ability to adjust her classes for beginners to advanced yogis. I love her encouragement and affirmations. Yoga with Anne-Marie is a great experience.”​


“Anne-Marie is an inspirational teacher of yoga. I have practised yoga for many years and with many teachers and she outshines them all. Her attention to detail and her ability and patience to place you in the correct posture really impressed me.”


“Anney’s classes are always an absolute joy! She reads the energy of the room and perfectly blends the spiritual side of yoga with a good workout: talking you through the chakras and the mantras at key points throughout the class.”​


“I am living with a serious injury with partial movement and strength in my legs. This makes most exercises difficult but Anney incorporates this within her classes – I almost forget i’m not able to do other things. She is a great instructor, as well as calming – Thank you Anney.”

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